The chair is lava…

How many times have you been on public transport in search for a seat, a chance to rest your legs. And how many times have you not found one… So I ask you, why not test yourself?

Next time you go on public transport or just have the chance in general to sit down, don’t take it. Instead train the mind to do stuff it doesn’t really want to do, but has the capabilities of doing.

This will replicate the feeling you get before a workout on a raining night, where you know you should go but don’t really want to. Get out the habit of listening to your brain and see how long you can go without giving in to your temptations.

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I’ve never been to the gym… Here’s why

So, I might not have been to a gym before but that doesn’t mean that I am not fit? There are many different ways which are first are for most free to get and stay fit, here are a few.

You must be thinking how do you build muscle without lifting a weight? Shock, you don’t need too… Any form of anaerobic training will increase muscle size. Such as sprinting. Have you looked at sprinters lately? You don’t honestly think they spend all their time in the gym and not running… They will spend more time running than in the gym by far. Plyometrics is a very good way of building muscle and conditioning the body, such as small hurdle bounds and box jumps.

YOU DONT NEED A TREADMILL TO RUN. Many people think they need to go to the gym so they can run or bike, no you just need to step out of your front door and there you have it, a place where you can run… And that is outside!

You can also find many different ways of turning everyday stuff into gym equipment or stuff you can use to do exercises. Such as a soccer goal for pull ups.

Use your imagination and come up with different ways to stay out the gym and stay fit. Training your brain is important too!

Cardio workout – for beginners

So, you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep and you want to stretch out your legs. Here is a simple cardio workout for you to try to kick start the day

  • 5 minute jog (warm up pace)
  • Rest for 3 minutes
  • 10 minute run
  • Quickly followed by 3x30m sprints
  • 3 minutes rest
  • 10 minute run
  • 3 minute walk (cool down)

Try doing this in a large outdoor space. The 30m sprints don’t need to be exactly 30 meters but near enough will do.

When resting for either of the 3 minutes, do NOT stand still! Walk around, keep moving. This is essential. Keep the blood flowing.


3 Tips for working out in the sun

We have all been there… The sun beating down, and your there, sweating away. For about 10 minutes you can cope with it, and maybe actually you might be enjoying it. The sun can have a negative effect on performance, but by following these simple tips you will be able to get the best out of your workout.

  • Drink Isotonic drinks

These drinks are a vital part of hydration! They salts and sugars that contribute to keeping the body at its optimum level of performance. They not only hydrate but refuel.

  • Pre cooling

What you want to be doing is not just having a drink but have a cold drink… think about it. Help your body out! Thermoregulation can be hard in hot conditions, especially when your not used to it! Have a ice cold drink for during your workout

  • Just get used to the heat!

If you can try and make sure you workout in the heat if you want to get used to it, the body will acclimatise by producing sweat earlier, losing less salts in sweat and dilating vein’s in order to allow for quick blood flow.

Pace yourself though, these don’t make you super human… If only it was that simple!

5 Reasons why you should workout with a friend

Many people chose to workout alone, this maybe the only way that you can fit exercise into your busy schedule, which is fine.

But sharing your workout with someone else can be very useful and here is why…

  • Motivate each other
  • Time/Count for each other
  • Push each other
  • Give each other feedback
  • Provide safety for each other

Now people may enjoy working out alone and be comfortable with not being pushed and enjoying the free time to themselves. But results do show that exercising with someone is beneficial for improvement.

Find times in the week that both you and your potential workout partner is free and plan training around that.

Why not to use Strava

So, many of us are addicted to posting new personal bests and updating follows on their latest training times and distances. Very good for adding interest into a training run, however it could actually be negatively impacting your progression.

Them days when you feel like you needĀ a rest but you strap your GPS watch on and race against the clock in order to attempt to show others your commitment and progression are very bad for long term results. You need to be listening to your body instead of getting caught up in the demands of social media.

Many of the GPS watches have the pace of a run displayed on them for instant information on how quickly your running. This can be very detrimental for your pace judgement as you relay on the watch instead of your brain to tell you to runĀ faster or slower.

Motivation and confidence is knocked when you don’t achieve them Personal bests, so why be so caught up in striving for them on days when you deep down know it isn’t possible. Instead just run watch free and enjoy the fresh air in your lungs.

Warm ups

Warming up is a vital part of training, not only does it reduce the chance of injury but it brings about many other useful responses for exercise and long term progression.

There are four stages of a warm up which you need to be aware of…

  • Initial preparation – This stage involves increasing the HR and increasing localised muscle temperature, such as a slow 1 mile jog
  • Injury prevention – This stage mainly involves increasing core muscle temperature, such as stretching
  • Skills preparation – This stage is based on increasing reaction time and co-ordination and mainly stimulating theĀ neuromuscular system
  • Games preparation – This stage is mainly to stimulate psychological responses, such as being motivated.

Each stage should be taken into account and correctly manipulated to suit the workout you are about to do in order to get the most from each session.